Toys are at war


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MicroVolts is a third person online shooter game in which two teams of toys will have to face up in closed environments trying to annihilate each other.

You'll take part of the battle by controlling one of the components of one of the teams and you'll take advantage of a wide range of devastating weapons.

The game offers 15 levels simulating different rooms in a house from the perspective of the tiny characters. By this way, a simple book can be perfect to hide yourself and the cooker can be extremely dangerous.

Choose one of the four different characters and personalize them with lots of hats and accessories like jackets, rings and necklaces.

Finally, we should say that MicroVolts offers 10 game modes in which we'll have to fight against friends... and enemies.

MicroVolts is a really funny game which could be considered as a mix of Team Fortress and Counter Strike. With no doubt an amazing game.
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